Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rain again

Well, it looks like we are in for rain again. This has been such a damp, wet spring.
I'm so ready for some real summer weather. We would like to put up our pool but it's been too wet and cooler so it puts us in the mood where we don't even want to bother. Hopefully by June it will straighten up. Time will tell.

Off to work

I need to get going to work. I help some elderly people with doing their laundry and cleaning their homes for them. They appreciate it so much and I enjoy helping them. I get attached to them, they become like family to me. It's a gorgeous day to be out too so that helps. Well, I better get going.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Getting a second chance

One thing I really appreciate about making a mistake on a post that I have done is that the company gives you a chance to correct it and then try again to see if it gets accepted. It's a big relief cause I know I'm far from perfect with doing this and to get a second chance to get it right is awsome. Thank you to those who allow that to happen.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Riu Yucatan

When we went to Mexico we stayed at a very beautiful resort called the Riu Yucatan. It's in the family of other Riu resorts. We had several around us and we were able to visit and eat at many of them while we were there. They are all inclusive which made it very nice. The staff was amazing and so helpful and friendly. We celebrated our 25th anniversary there with a special dinner and they went all out to make it extra special. These resorts are gorgeous and the food was great. I would highly recommend this resort to everyone.

Mexican markets

While we were in Mexico we went to alot of the markets there. It was an interesting experience. They holler at you as you walk by wanting you to visit there shop. My husband has a gotee and they would yell out "Hey Mister Whiskers." It was hilarious. They were not really too good at bargaining, though. That was disappointing. It was an experience I will never forget.


We returned from Playa del Carmen, Mexico last night. We spent 8 days there and had a wonderful time. It was very hot and humid but we had fun in the Caribbean Sea while we were there. The water was so warm and pretty. The bluish green color was magnificent. It's good to be home but it's strange not to be there anymore. It's quite a bit cooler here today...what a change. The Mexican people were so friendly and helpful. That made our trip very pleasant.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Plane ride

We are soon going to be taking a trip and we will be flying. I have flown 2 other times and find it alot of fun. It amazes me how quickly you can get from one destination to the next. I'm not crazy about the taking off because it can kind of upset my stomach but once we are in the air it's not so bad. I am really looking forward to the trip and flying again.


I'm a big fan of Survivor. My husband and I have watched everyone of them. I was happy to see Earl win. I guess if Yau Man couldn't win he would have been my next choice. I was pretty disappointed in how Dreamz handled himself in the show. Pretty dishonest in character. Anyway, I look forward to the next one. I'm sure we will not miss that.

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I had to work but when I got home my sons had surprised me with a homemade card , flower, and a baby Shrek and donkey. They are adorable. My husband bought me a corsage to wear to work. They all made me feel very special. It's wonderful being a mom. It's one of the greatest things in life. I appreciate my mom, too. I hope that she also had a fabulous day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jesse's home

Our youngest son just got home from college. He will be here for the summer. I believe he starts classes again after Labor Day. Should be a nice long break for him. Our oldest son moved home last week so now our house is full again. They both have summer jobs so that should help them not to get too bored. It's fun to have them here.

Mexican Food

Last night we took my parents out for Mexican food. We celebrated Mother and Father's day with them with supper. I had a large burrito and it had some onions and peppers in it. It was amazing. We then had fried ice cream for desert. If you have never tried that you must. It is sooo good. We had a great food and great company. Hopefully we can do that again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wild Hogs

We went to see the movie Wild Hogs about a week ago. I haven't seen a funnier movie in years.
The cast was so good together. William H. Macy had to be the funniest character in that movie. I was amazed by how funny he could be. I have many favorite parts in the movie. One of them is the man who was singing to the crowd at the fair. I couldn't stop laughing. I hope to own it on dvd when it comes out.


In the near future we will be taking a trip to Mexico. There are several Mayan Ruins that would be very interesting to see. Not sure yet where we will be going. Cozumel sounds like the perfect island to visit if you want to do some snorkeling. The weather down there right now is in the 90s and the lows in the 70s with high humidity. When we go I hope it is sunny everyday without rain. It will be my first time out of the U.S.

Rain is gone!

Finally the rain has ceased. I think it has been rainy for at least the last 4 days. One town about 20 miles west of us got 4 inches in one day. We were there yesterday and the flooding at the fair grounds is just awful. I pray that we stay with some long sunny warm days for awhile so that the ground can have a chance to dry up. I know the farmers are anxious to get out in their fields also.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Moving home

Won't be long and our sons will be moving home from college for the summer. They each move home a week apart. I've been busy stocking up the cupboards so there is plenty to eat. It makes a huge difference in our grocery bill. It's a joy to have them home but when they have been away they get way more independent in their thinking and of course we get use to them not being around. Sometimes that can cause conflict. Hopefully it will be a good summer.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


We went to a wedding this last weekend. The groom is the son of some very good friends of ours. It was a really nice ceremony. They looked so in love. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. We then went to the reception and they served Mexican food. That was really good for a change. The whole weekend was fun and it was great to get away.