Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gibraltar Drum

Are you someone who has a drum set and you play it a lot? You are finding that it is starting to show some wear and may need some new parts or just need some repair. Maybe you need a gibraltar drum but aren't sure where to look for them. Consider looking online because often you can find great deals and quality parts for things like this.

Staff Christmas Party

We had our Christmas staff goody party today. Everyone brings goodies to share and we sit around the table and eat and have a lot of good laughs. Some of us even share gifts. It's always fun and we always eat way too much. That's one way to get out of cooking supper.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Other Woman House Cleaning

As a woman I know one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive is someone coming into our house once a week and cleaning it. I don't know what I would do with myself knowing that I did not have to clean. I could actually do something fun or just relax. That would truly be an awesome gift. People who live in the Raleigh, NC area should consider hiring from the other woman house cleaning. Give this as a gift to someone you truly care about. The person receiving the gift would be so grateful.

A Raleigh CPA

I can't believe another year is about to come to an end. Then January hits and the next thing on everyone's mind is tax time. Nobody likes thinking about that but there is no getting out of it. If you are someone who lives in the Raleigh, NC area and are in need of a raleigh cpa, you don't have to look any further. They can help you prepare your taxes if you are an individual or have a small business. CPAs know what they are doing and will do the best job for you and or your business.

Great Eye Glasses

I really need to look into getting my eyes checked. I have noticed that my eyesight has been getting worse. The thing I dread most is the cost of glasses because it can be so expensive. But I know I need them so I just need to get it taken care of. The great thing is is that people can buy most anything online and glasses are one of those things. I know that greateyeglasses has full rimmed frames. They are stylish and cute and don't cost a bundle. It's the way to go.

Online Shopping

Now that I work full time I just don't have a lot of time to go Christmas shopping. I'm usually busy on the weekends with other things to do and at night I'm just too tired to go shopping. So this year I have been doing a lot of online shopping. It is so fun and it takes very little energy to do so. I love that it comes right to my work place and it is just making life a little easier this Christmas season. I have to be careful though because I'm enjoying it a little too much. :)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Exceptional Ukulele Tuner at Musicians Friend

I don't know a whole lot about instruments because I haven't played any but I have noticed that when someone is playing a guitar or Ukulele that they often are trying to tune it. Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple solution for that? Such as, getting an exceptional ukulele tuner at musicians friend. This would make it easier and more accurate.

JBL Powered Subwoofer

This is a great idea for any guitar player or DJs who desires the simplicity of a self-powered subwoofer. The jbl powered subwoofer is great for people who play music at weddings or special functions. It gives out the right amount of bass and doesn't disrupt the party that is going on.

Black Friday Shopping

This is the first year in several years that I opted to stay home and not go out on Thanksgiving Day to black Friday shop. Last year I saw how dangerous it is because I experienced it first hand. The crowds were pushing and shoving to buy cheap dvds and games. I was being pushed so strongly that I was beginning to topple over like a tree. Thank the Lord my youngest son was right behind me and caught me before I fell. He protected me so we could get out of that mess safely. That's all it took for us to decide not to shop in that craziness anymore. It's not worth your life or getting hurt to buy a cheap movie or game.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

London Meservy Attorney

If you are in the San Diego area and are in need of an attorney in areas of wrongful termination, sexual harassments or personal injury you may want to contact a London Meservy attorney. Here you will find an attorney who fights for their clients and treats them like a family member. You don't find that often in an attorney/client relationships. They are professional and will work hard. They only get paid for cases that are resolved. That sounds like a great deal!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Family and Fun

Yesterday after noon and evening were so much fun. Spent time with some amazing family members and then went to a wonderful Christian concert. We laughed, sang and boogied. The four bands that played for awesome. It made me feel young again. Great fun with great people. The bands that were there at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa were Sanctus Real, Citizen Way, Neverclaim, and Everfound. Very talented young men and such strong Christian people.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Custom Mattress Deals

My husband and I just love our bed. A few years back we bought a memory foam mattress to put on top of our regular mattress. It is so comfortable and we can't imagine it being any other way. Our sons are in need of good mattresses now and they would love to have something similar like ours. There are places and websites that have custom mattress deals. This would be a great way for them to check into the type of mattress they would desire to have.

Carpet Cleaners in Huntersville NC

A few years back we put 3 rooms of new carpet in our home. Over time we have noticed that some of it gets matted because of the walk paths that we always take across the rooms. I can see that the carpet is starting to not look as clean and that bothers me. I want it to be clean for us and to help keep our carpet in great condition. If you are someone who feels the same way as I do and you live in North Carolina this is a good way to find list of carpet cleaners in huntersville nc. It's important to take care of the carpet so it lasts a long time and stays in great condition.

American Pickers

One of our favorite shows to watch on the History channel is American Pickers. It's cool because they are from Iowa where we reside. It's so fun to see the cool things they find and the value of these things. I am so surprised at times to hear how much they will pay for certain items and how much people are willing to pay them. I love it though because now when we are at antique shops we will spot items that Mike and Frank have found similar in an old building or barn. I hope they keep this show on for a very long time.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Immigration Attorneys

If you are someone who would consider themselves an immigrant and you have found yourself dealing with anything related to immigration and you need legal advise, you would want to find immigration attorneys that can speaks your language. They are educated in all areas of immigration law and whether it's a personal matter or a business matter they can lend a hand in helping you win your case. These attorneys know the laws of immigration and have the experience to help you in your situation. They will give you personalized attention.

North Dakota Bankruptcy Laws

Are you from North Dakota and are considering bankruptcy? Then you should be sure and know about north dakota bankruptcy laws. It's important that you get all the facts about what it all entails to claim bankruptcy. People find themselves in too much debt that they can't see their way out of it and often bankruptcy can be the option to clearing some of the debt. Most likely each state has their own laws about this topic and it's good to know exactly what is required.

A Swing Set in Williamsburg

When our boys were small we tried to have some fun things for them to do outdoors like a swing set and a sandbox. They would play for hours on and in these things and had the greatest time. Now as they are older and we don't have anything like that anymore I do notice other families that have these wonderful looking swing sets in there yards. They not only have the swings but they have a playhouse, slides and other fun stuff. If you are someone who is looking for a swing set in williamsburg be sure and check online and the great possibilities of fun for your children.


I am so ready for a vacation. My husband and I are taking a trip to Daytona Beach in the near future and we are so excited to go. Where we live the weather has been really nice but you can definitely feel fall in the air in the mornings and evenings. We love fall but aren't quite ready for summer to be over so it will be nice to have some time on the beaches and relax in the sunshine. We are very blessed to have a good friend let us stay in her condo while we are there. It is right on the beach. Our vacation can't come soon enough. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Despicable 2

The other night my husband and I went to see the movie Despicable 2. I had seen the first one and thought it was really cute so we needed to see this one. It was pretty cute and the minions and the little girls in it were so adorable. It was fun to watch for me. My husband thought it was okay. I love how they can create such movies.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mom's Surgery

I took a couple days off from work because my mom was going to have surgery. We got up early this morning to be at the hospital and she had the procedures done and shortly after an hour of being in surgery we got the call that everything went well and what they were looking for was clear and normal, Praise the Lord! She recovered for a couple of hours and I brought her home. You would hardly know that she was in for surgery this morning. She is doing so well. Even the small incision she had isn't causing her much pain. It's wonderful and answers to prayer.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shure sm81 Condenser Mic at Guitar Center

If you are someone who does your own recording or are in the business of broadcasting and want a great mic that offers great sound then you would probably be interested in a shure sm81 condenser mic at guitar center. It's great for miking acoustic guitar, piano, and cymbals.

Exceptional New Marshall Headphones

There's nothing like listening to good music with quality headphones. I have used cheap ones and they either don't have good sound or I end up having trouble with them. Investing in a good set of headphones is well worth the money. You can find exceptional New Marshall Headphones at musician's friend.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Love of a Mom

We have two boys and they have grown into wonderful loving young adults. This past weekend I had been talking with our youngest son and he had asked me to pray for him because he was getting a sore throat and just not feeling well. So of course I said I would be praying for him. By Monday he was feeling even worse and by evening he could hardly stand the sore throat he was dealing with. I told him he needed to go see a doctor. The next day he went to the doctor and found out that he had a case of severe tonsillitis. He was so sick and in so much pain. He was put on medication and sent home. That night he went to bed and tossed and turned because of the pain in his throat. He didn't even want to swallow. He cried out to God to heal him and take it away! So the next morning on my first break at work I texted him to see how he was feeling and he told me about the night before and he was sending me sad faces. Well as his mother I couldn't take it anymore and I left work and took ingredients with me to make some soup for him and headed down to his place. I spent the rest of the day with him yesterday and part of today. When I left he seemed a little better. It was such a great feeling knowing that my son of 26 years old wanted his mama to come be with him and give him some tlc. No matter how old you get, it's always nice to have mom around when you feel as bad as he did.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cremona Violin at Musicians Friend

I enjoy music a lot. Most everyday I have music playing in one part of the day whether it be in the mornings when I'm getting ready for the day or on Saturdays when I have it playing all day long. Instrumental music is so nice to listen to when I'm busy on my computer or just want to relax. It's not disruptive at all. Violin music is so soothing and easy on the ears. There are many kinds of violins you can purchase online if you are someone who plays this instrument like a cremona violin at musicians friend. There are many at different prices and styles.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bedroom Furniture

We know a local guy who builds beautiful furniture and cabinets and about a year ago I mentioned to my husband that I really wanted a new bedroom set because in 31 years of marriage we have never had that. We decided to have this man build our set to our desire and as of last week he started to build it. I am so excited! I am hoping by the end of this week or next we will be getting it. It can't come soon enough for me.
Well, a couple days ago our furniture arrived and we are so happy. It is absolutely gorgeous. What fun to have all new furniture for once in our life time. We feel blessed!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fixture Clamps

There are so many types of tools and work related items that are used everyday to repair and fix broken down items. It's funny because often when my husband is working on something he will mention a certain tool or item that he needs to repair the problem and I have no idea what he is talking about. There are some great websites online to purchase items like these. Like if you are looking for fixture clamps or any type of clamps they are easy to find and easy to order. It's worth taking the time to check it out. I love shopping online for the convenience.

Burlington NC Homeowners Insurance

If you live in the NC area of the United States you might be interested in knowing about burlington nc homeowners insurance. They are information on the different types of homeowners insurance that is available and it would help you know which one is right for you. Insurance is a necessity to protect your property, personal items and all home investments. This insurance is available to renters also. It's wise to be protected at all times.

Jesse James Farm

Last week on the 4th of July we were heading south towards Texas for a wedding and we decided to stop in Missouri and visit the Jesse James farm place again. We had been there several years back and really enjoyed it. It's fun to hear the history of what went on at the home on farm place. In the main part of the house they still had the original flooring that Jesse stood on. It was quite fun and I could see us going back again some day. We took lots of pictures and enjoyed the beautiful day that day just looking around.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Portable Bleachers

When attending sports events or any type of event, most times there are bleachers permanently set up for spectators looking on. But sometimes there is need for more bleachers and there might only be a certain size of space for more bleachers. In those cases buying portable bleachers work great. They come in different sizes and even shapes. It's a convenient way to provide more seating and then store them away when you don't need to use them.

Grilling Party

Our sons are home for the weekend and they are getting together with several of their friend and having a grilling party on our back deck. It's all set up for them and it looks pretty nice out there. The weather is cooler and partly cloudy. They should have a lot of fun and not bake in the sun in the process. Beats going to a park and using a public grill and fighting mosquitoes and hot sunshine and hauling everything there.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Bb Clarinets at WWBW

When my boys were younger and in school they showed some interest in playing an instrument. Many of the kids were choosing to play the drums which my youngest son chose but many of them loved playing the trumpets, flutes and clarinets. I always enjoyed going to their concerts and seeing how much these kids improved over the years. Instruments like these can be purchased new and used and like the great Bb Clarinets at WWBW, they can be purchased online also.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Snapper Mower

I mowed for the first time this season. My husband has been the one doing the job so far but I was off early from work today and it was so nice outside that I decided I wanted to try out our new Snapper self propelled lawnmower. It works great and I think I did it in a lot shorter time. It sure is nice to have the self propelled going up the hill. I sure don't miss our old clunky mower that we had for many many years.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I absolutely love fresh rhubarb. I enjoy making rhubarb cream pie and that is one of my husband's favorite pies. We've been enjoying a slice of pie each evening with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it. Well tonight there is no longer any pie left so we just had to settle for some ice cream. There is nothing quite like a fresh baked pie. Yummy!

Monday, May 27, 2013


We traveled to Texas this past weekend to attend our great nephew's wedding. It is a long trip but we had a nice time. The weather was very iffy, it stormed and was cloudy a lot. The wedding was going to be held outdoors so it was pretty questionable if it would go off without a hitch without rain. It did! It was a beautiful evening and a very nice wedding. We had yummy food and it was a great turnout of family and friends. We are back home now and it's good to be home.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Texas Wedding

On Memorial weekend our great nephew is marrying his high school sweetheart. It is going to be in Texas and we are making the trip down to be a part of it. Another rode trip in our future and that's okay with us. It should be a lot of fun but a short few days. I'm hoping the weather won't be too hot, warm would be nice. We are looking forward to the time away and also seeing family we don't get to see much.

Guitar Strings

At our church we have a praise band and singers that lead the congregation in worship and song and there are two in the band that play guitars. It is very enjoyable and also fun to watch. I have never seen it happen in church but I do believe I have on television watched guitar strings break as they are being played. No doubt over time and with lots of use they give out. I'm sure it's not hard to get replacements for them.

Replacement Windows in Richmond

A couple of years ago my husband and I were noticing how bad our windows were starting to get in our home. We could really feel the draft from a couple of them when it was cold outside and even the frames were starting to rot. We knew we had to replace them and that's what we did. What a difference it has made, not only in feeling less cold but also in the appearance of them. If you are in need of getting new windows and you are from the Virginia state you should check out replacement windows in richmond. You will love getting new windows!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


When we vacation in Florida one of the things we really enjoy seeing are the pelicans. We stay in a condo on the 14th floor and often they fly right by the east window. They are so beautiful. A couple of weeks ago our sons were out by a lake in our home state and noticed many pelicans sitting on a small piece of land. It was pretty cool because these pelicans were white and the ones in Florida are a darker color.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Camacho Select

When we were on vacation not too long ago we spent some time on the beach and while we were lounging in the sand I told my husband that I could smell what I thought was someone smoking. We both came to the conclusion that it was not cigarettes because it had a sweet aroma. Most likely it was someone smoking a cigar. Who knows, maybe it was a camacho select. They are full of earthy flavors and have some unsweetened cocoa and coffee fragrance laced into it. Sounds like a good smell to me.


What a blessing that our oldest son found out he got a job! Now both of our sons have full time jobs and it is such a blessing. It's been a tough few months getting them both working full time and now it is here. They are very excited about it too. Our youngest son has been working for several months now but two months ago he got his first full time job. He loves it and we are so happy for him. God is so good. We fully put our trust in him.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Canadian Debt Relief Firm

Every now and then people shop too much. It may be they take too many vacations, or just buy that car they always wanted but can't afford. They run up their credit cards to the limit and suddenly they realize they are over their heads and need debt relief. In Canada, Shelia Cockburn of the law office of Cockburn and Associate LLP, is a very experience attorney when it comes to debt help. She has had a great deal of experience and will identify your problem. The next step is to design a plan of action that will help your current cash flow. Perhaps by looking at your unsecured debt, a way can be identified to cut that debt in half. Wouldn't it be great to have cash again to improve your standard of living? Right now, you are strapped for cash because your bills take all the money and you are still in arrears. Working with an experienced attorney such as Shelia, you can get debt settlement and get back on the right track and life will look good again.

To Florida and Back

Well folks, we went to Florida and was it a wonderful vacation. We had so much fun, it was hard to come home again. It was especially hard to come home to 30 degree temperatures after 80's and 90's. We could live there permanently. Maybe some day we will. We were able to stay in the beautiful condo right on the lovely white sand beach. We never get tired of it. It is so beautiful there. Of course, there is no place like home and eventually you get home from vacation and it is good to sleep in your own bed, relax in your own recliner and sit back and talk about the wonderful times we had in Florida.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Silver Coins

It is so important these days to invest your money into safe places. One safe way to invest is in buying silver coins. Purchasing precious metals is a great way to preserve one's wealth. In most cases a purchase like this will always gain in value. There are so many unsure investments out there and why not make an investment you can count on.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am so excited because we are going to Florida again very soon! We again are driving down which is not a favorite thing of mine to do but it does cost less so that helps. We are going to Daytona Beach where we stay for free in a friends condo. It is right on the beach and the front window to the condo looks out over the ocean. I can hardly wait! I love it there and we are both looking forward to some rest and relaxation on that beach!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Once in awhile I like to go all out and make a nice dinner for us. I just bought a large amount of burger and thought it would taste good to make a meatloaf. So since I had the day off I got it all ready and put it in the oven along with a couple of baked potatoes. I made some green beans to go along with it and the meal looked very nice all together. It even tasted better! We got our tummies full and now it's time to relax for the evening.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Storage Lockers

I work at an independent living place that has nice apartments for retired adults. The apartments have nice closets for storing things in but sometimes that just isn't enough for them so we provide storage lockers in the basement for them to use. Many use them for their seasonal clothing or holiday decorations. They sure come in handy and many of them take advantage of the extra space.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whoa the Snow!!!!!

About a week or two ago we got quite the snow storm! I think we got about 10 inches of snow. It really fell over night and we woke up with a lot of snow on the ground. So last week when I was at work I looked out one of the windows and noticed this very large hangover of snow coming off the roof. I'm assuming that the snow that we had received days before was starting to melt and slide off of the roof top. It was quite the site! I just had to take some pictures of it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Full Time Job

I have not worked a full time job since before my oldest son was born. He is now 27 years old so it's been quite awhile. I have had part time jobs in the last 10 years which have varied in different hours and that's been nice but now I am ready to work full time. Since the untimely death of my coworker I now have her job. I work from 8-4:30 which isn't bad at all. It's not a strenuous job and I am staff supervisor which is going to be interesting at times I'm sure. I am looking forward to getting a routine down and bringing home a much larger paycheck. God is good!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Corner TV Mount

With in the next couple of months my husband and I are planning to redo our bedroom. We have never had new furniture in there and have always had mismatched dressers, etc. We are going to paint and put new carpet and curtains up along with the new furniture. We recently got a 40" flat screen television to have in there and we plan to buy a corner TV mount so that we can watch it more easily while laying in bed. I am very excited for the final outcome.


Saturday night we got a call that a dear friend and coworker had collapsed at her home. We heard it wasn't good so we got in our van and drove almost 2 hours to get to the hospital. By the time we got there she had passed away. We were all in shock! She seemed so healthy and fine and her husband said she was doing well all day Saturday. She was only 73 years old. We are all so sad and missing her already. It's hard to comprehend. Even though I saw her after the fact I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around her being gone. Our hearts are breaking something terrible. We will miss you, Dee!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Snowstorm Update

Well, the snow started to arrive at 4:30 p.m. where I live and it snowed through the night. When I got up this morning there were a few flurries in the air. It looks like we maybe got 5-6 inches of snow. It wasn't as big of a storm as anticipated. I am thankful for that. The sun is shining brightly this morning and it looks very pretty outside if you like snow. The great thing about the snow is that it shouldn't stick around long with spring so close. That's always a good thing. It sounds like we may be in for a couple more inches on Monday. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Snowstorm Coming!

We've been hearing for about a week now that we have a very big snowstorm coming our way. It is suppose to arrive on Thursday and go till around Friday noon. At first people were freaking out saying they heard we are suppose to get 24 inches of snow! Oh no! That can't be true! Many of us said. So now that it is getting closer we have heard some places could get maybe 12 inches and around here I think between 7 and 10. Don't get me wrong, that is a lot of snow but I am not going to get worked up over it. By the time it arrives it may be less snow, who knows. Can't do anything about it, just accept it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Husband's Birthday

On January 31st my husband celebrated his 60th birthday. I planned several things for him for about 3-4 days. One thing was is that his niece flew in from Texas and totally surprised him at work. It even brought him to tears. Then later that day his nephew and family and also his brother drove 2 hours to join us for supper. He didn't know anything about that either till later in the day. We all went to our town's Mexican restaurant and had so much fun. I told on my husband that he was having a birthday so they brought a sombrero and put it on his head and sang to him. He was embarrassed but was a good sport. It was a lot of fun. He won't forget this birthday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cabin Fever

This is the time of year when I started feeling the woes of cabin fever. Don't get me wrong, I get out to go to work quite often and for other reasons. I just want to be able to sit on the deck and feel a warm breeze blowing while looking at the green grass and beautiful flowers. I know spring is coming but where I live we have at least two more months of winter. As the saying goes, "This to shall pass" is so true. Just to be patient for that day when it gets above 70 will be amazing.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Well, in the past year I have been put on 3 prescriptions that I always hoped I wouldn't have to do. One for cholesterol and the other two for high blood pressure. I was told it is common if your parents dealt with these things and unfortunately they did. I am grateful for medications to help keep it under control. Thankfully, I can buy them without breaking the bank. I love the idea of generic prescriptions. It sure saves a lot of money.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Industrial Supply Company

Many companies need different industrial supplies to run their company. They may use items for shipping, auto work, metal work, or just for someone's shop. It is so nice when you can shop at one place for all your needs. It save time and probably money to do it this way. That is why shopping from an industrial supply company is the way to go. They offer a wide range of items that work with many types of businesses.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eoncode Web2print

If you are someone who owns a printing store or business and you are looking for a great way to increase your business then the ideal thing to get connected with would be eoncode web2print. With this you connect your business with the internet and it draws business in from people who order prints that go from the web to your store and are ready to print the minute your doors are open. They can do all of their printing without stepping inside your business doors. By having this EonWorkflow Storefront you can take orders 24/7. This is a great way to increase business and keep costs down. It is worth looking into.


At my job we have 3 girls that work together each day to get our jobs done. Recently we had one lady retire and it has been quite a deal deciding who would be a good fit for the new staff. My husband is the boss and that puts a lot on his shoulders. He came up with an idea to have all the staff come into his office while interviewing the candidate for the job. It worked great and actually everyone was involved. We were so pleased with this lady who had applied and are happy to say she has been hired. No more working extra days or hours. That makes me very happy!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Terra Cotta Pottery

I love putting flowers out on our patio in the spring and summer time. It adds such beauty and enjoyment for me. I plant them in special pots that adds to the beauty and make our sitting area so enjoyable. One type of pot I really like is the terra cotta pottery. They give the southwest feel and I really like that. They look great with our surrounding also.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Funny Picture

Every year when my side of the family gets together for Christmas, we like to take a picture of everyone who attended. First we take a normal regular picture then we always have to take a goofy funny picture. This year was no different and I would like to share that photo with you.