Saturday, December 29, 2007

MP3 Player

I just recently bought myself a MP3 player. I've been busy downloading many of my cds onto my computer so that I can transfer them to this player. It takes awhile but I am excited to finally have one of these especially for when I am going for walks or working at residents apartments. It is small and barely noticeable.

Wedding Planning

With Christmas just behind us I'm sure it finds many couples engaged to be married. They will be starting to make many exciting plans for their big day. It is great when there are resources to which it makes the Wedding Planning easier. At that is exactly what you get.
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New Years

Wow, it's hard to believe that New Years is just around the corner. I don't know where this year has gone. So much has happened but all in all it's been a pretty good year. Time just goes by way too fast.


Well, tomorrow I think we will get our boys moved into their condo. It is really a cute place. It is two levels and has a single attached garage. It is located in a nice private attractive area. The rent was pretty reasonable too. I'm excited for them and I know they are excited too.

Parenting Resources

When you become a new parent it is so nice to get a hold of some really good parenting resources to help you get informed. Even if you are a parent already it is nice to have information readily available. There is this great website that has real parent reviews of local baby stores, gear, and services. Get reviews from real moms or dads on many different subjects. You are also able to share your opinion with them.
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Rental Issues

We ran into some bad rental issues with our sons. The landlord basically robbed our sons and their friend of deposit money. She lied and blamed all the problems on these young guys and she was the one at fault. Well, it's not over cause we will take her to court and get our money back. We have the good Lord on our side and he is more powerful then anything or anyone.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After Christmas Sale

We went shopping all day today. We found some great after Christmas bargains. My sons and I went to Des Moines. There were some pretty crowded malls but it was fun. It's so funny to see so many people out shopping after all the money spent for Christmas. Oh well, I guess that was us too. =)

Super Bowl Tickets

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It was so funny when we were opening gifts. For many Christmas's we have not been able to really shock our oldest son with gifts. But twice we got him this year. That was the greatest. I love surprising them. He said we did pretty good for not having much of a list from them.

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. I had to work but when I got home we got things ready to celebrate together. We opened gifts first and then had our traditional enchilada meal. It was so much fun and the food was great.

Friday, December 21, 2007


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Christmas gathering

All the employees where I work are getting together today for some food and fun. My husband and I went out and bought a little something for everyone. They are not expecting it so that will make it more fun. It's usually a good time with yummy things to eat. I'm looking forward to it.

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Mall Shooting

Back about two and a half weeks ago there was a shooting in an Omaha mall. It was a young, 19 year old guy. How sad that he would take the lives of others including himself. What a selfish act. I feel so bad for the families of the ones who lost their lives in this tragic event.


It's been a very sad December. There has been so many deaths in our town and people we know. How sad for families who have had to deal with this with the holidays coming. I pray for God's peace and joy in their lives. I hope they can have a Merry Christmas with their families.

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Slow Internet

Not sure if our highspeed internet is slow today or if it's just the sites that I go to. Actually I think it is just one website that is moving extremely slow. Definitly causes a person to try and learn patience. I sure hope they fix the problem cause it's getting really old really fast.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Shopping

As I was wrapping gifts I remembered one more person I still had to buy for. So, today I will head out to try and find the perfect gift for her. She is my sister. She's getting harder to buy for because she is one of the fortunate ones who has just about everything she needs or wants. But it's a special time between her and myself when we exchange gifts. So I need to put on my thinking cap and go shopping. =)

Capella University

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I have to work from Saturday through Tuesday. I'm dreading it and hate having to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I guess that's the way it goes. I'm scheduled and can't do anything about it. Complaining sure won't help so I will have to make the most of it.

Another storm

It sounds like another snow storm is in the works for Friday night into Saturday. I sure hope it doesn't mess up travel plans for people with Christmas so close. We have a family gathering on Sunday and I'm hoping the bad weather will be long gone by then.

Master Degree

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Saturday I heated up some hot chocolate not realizing how much was actually in my cup. My cup had a lid on it. I was talking with my husband and grabbed my cup and took a big gulp. It was scalding hot. I spit it out of my mouth immediately. It went all over the floor. I went over and put my tongue under cold water. It really hurt. Now I have blisters under my tongue on the right side of my mouth. It is so painful. It's like have several canker sores. I will be sure happy when this heals up.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


When my husband and I were dating he owned a snowmobile. He would come and pick me up and we would ride that thing from one town to another through the ditches. It was so much fun. We sometimes would go on the lake but that made me a little nervous because I was always worried he may run into some soft ice. Oh, to be young again.

Fog Lights

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Lite 104.1

Most of the time that I am on the computer I listen to Lite 104.1. They are playing all Christmas music all the time. It's nice and easy listening music when I'm doing some posting or email. They play pretty good music.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dr. Phil and Oprah

Wouldn't it be fun to be at one of Dr. Phil or Oprah's Christmas shows? It is so cool how many cool things they give away to their audiences. I know is better to give then receive but just one time it would be fun to be at their show and be on the receiving end.


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Kid Nation

It was the finale for Kid Nation last night. My husband and I really enjoyed watching that show. It was really good and it was great to see the kids that made a difference win the big money. That will be an experience they will always remember.


Wow, it sure hasn't been easy finding a place to rent for our sons. They have looked at couple but they got rented right away. They want a bedroom for each of the renters but most places come with just one or two bedrooms. They may have to give up on that idea. I pray they find something soon.

Denver Magazine

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College Tuition

It just crazy how much it costs to attend college. Even with online classes it is ridiculously high tuition. I feel so sorry for the kids that have to pay their way through their schooling. And there is no doubt that it is necessary to have a degree to get a good paying job. It's really something.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Survivor is coming to an end this week. It will definitely be interesting to see who wins. I know of a couple of the people I hope they don't win. They do not deserve it. I guess we will see on Sunday. I have it ready to tape just in case we are not home.

Disney Tickets

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Deer Meat

We have some friends that always go out deer hunting. They then end up with a lot of deer meat. They are wonderful to share. One of our friends has a lot of it made into deer burger. It's very good. It's a blessing to get some from them cause we use a lot of burger in our meals.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is getting here so fast. I still have some Christmas shopping to do. I need to get something for stockings. There is lots of wrapping to do yet also. I'm sure glad my Christmas cards and goodie making is out of the way. I better get going on some of this.

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I heard on the news the other day how men over 50 should be going in for regular physicals or checkups and that many don't do this. They are encouraging these men to go and get everything checked out. Women are most generally good about going to the dr. once a year and men should also do the same.


We hear so often about physical abuse happening with younger couples or even middle aged people but we don't hear too often about the elderly living like that. Well, I know of a couple that this has been going on now for two years. We just found out about that today. We also found out that the husband hit his elderly wife 3 times today and got arrested. His wife is such a sweetie and he is just too hot headed. I'm so glad he is away from her because she doesn't deserve that, nobody does.

Las Vegas Hotels

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Pizza Ranch

We went to the Pizza Ranch for lunch today. My favorite part of the meal is their chicken. No place makes it better then them. They have pretty good pizza also. There peach dessert pizza is delicious. I didn't over stuff myself so that's good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Puppy Chow

One kind of goodie that I like to make at Christmas is Puppy Chow. It's made with chocolate, peanut butter, chex cereal and powdered sugar. It definitely resembles puppy chow. It's my youngest son's favorite treat. He will be surprised when he comes home this weekend.

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Good Night

Well, it's about that time to say good night. I need to post one more and then it's lights out. I'm getting pretty tired and my husband already went to bed. I need to get up early in the morning so it's better if I don't stay up too late.

Home Improvement

I've been recording Home Improvement on our DVR. I never get tired of that show. It's fun to watch especially when there isn't much else on or maybe I'm in the mood to just watch tv for about a half an hour. It's hilarious and it has to be one of the funniest shows ever to be on television.

Wholesale Flowers

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Ice Storm

Wow, it sounds like Des Moines and southern Iowa sure got hit today with a lot of ice. We got a couple of inches of snow. I'm not really sure if we got any ice before the snow started. There are several people without electricity because of this storm. I feel for them. I hope that it can be restored quickly.

Sequoia National Park

A few years ago we took a family vacation out to California. One of our stops was in the Sequoia National Park. It was amazing. I had been there before when I was a child. We stayed in a cabin for two nights. It was so fun. We saw some bear and that was awesome. We would love to go back sometime and hopefully we will.

Shopping Cart

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As I'm making Christmas goodies I should be watching a nice Christmas movie but instead I decided to watch Disturbia. At first I thought because of the title that it would definitely not be a movie I would want to see but it's been really good. It sort of reminds me of the Hitchcock movie Rear Window. They really aren't the same but there are a few similarities. I would recommend this movie to be seen.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Running Late

Here I am posting and I should be getting ready for work. I have about 15 minutes and I need to go get some breakfast and do a couple of other things so I better get off here and get it done.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Last weekend when we had that ice and snow storm it was dangerous to even walk outside. We have heard of several people falling and breaking their arm or hip. There was even a fatality in Des Moines as he walked out of his office. How sad. I know we sure tried to break up the ice around our place but it wasn't easy. It's starting to get alittle better now.

Online Gambling

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Snow

Well, it's snowing again. We are suppose to get up to 5 inches of snow today and tomorrow. The flakes are huge. It's beautiful but the snowing all the time is getting really old. Then on Tuesday another round of snow is moving in.

Massage Chairs

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Shopping

My husband and I went to Des Moines for a couple of days. We did a lot of shopping. We got a little Christmas shopping done but not enough. It's been really hard this year thinking of some good ideas for our sons. I may buy some stuff online.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Party

Tonight we had our Christmas party where my husband and I work. We had pizza and pop with the residents and board members. They had a man there that sang Christmas carols as we sang along. We all got bonuses from our boss, who is my husband, and a card and money from the residents. It was a fun night.

Friends Moving

We have some friends that just bought an acreage and they just got possession of it. The husband moved a bunch of their stuff in the stormy weather out to their new place. I can't believe he did that. Things had to be soaked as hard as it was coming down at times.

Bad Weather

Wow, we sure had a lot of ice and some snow yesterday. It was horrible outside. I was so glad I didn't have to go out into it. Then this morning we had huge snow flakes coming down. It was pretty but I'm sure glad it didn't last long. It's so bitterly cold out now. I hate winter.

Toyota Radiator

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Christmas Baking

Yesterday I got quite a few goodies made. I made cutout cookies, kringla, and almond bark candy with broken pieces of candy cane in it. It took me pretty much all day but it's nice to have that much done. They sure taste good ,too.