Monday, January 30, 2012

Rogue Status

I have two young adult sons who enjoy wearing hats and t shirts. They rarely dress up because they love being comfortable and they really enjoy the look. I recently visited a website that sold hats and t shirts just like they prefer. rogue status is the brand name of these items. They had some interesting items to check out. I am sure my sons would enjoy wearing something like what they make.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Our sons are planning to relocate in about a month. They are trying so hard to find an apartment, duplex, or house that they can rent and afford to rent. It's been a real challenge. Our youngest son is scrambling to find a full time job in that area. We are praying and believing everything will fall into place at the right time.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pool Gate

Every summer we put up our larger above ground pool. We have it all fenced in for privacy but one end is open to get to our house. Our small town leaders had noticed that there were many pools going up around town and made it law that each pool should be enclosed for safety purposes. So now we have to think about getting a pool gate to close up the entrance.


In about a couple of weeks we will be taking a quick trip down to Texas. We have a niece and her family that live down there and my husband's older sister. We haven't seen them since last summer and thought it would be fun to take a long weekend and go visit them. Our niece is so excited and is planning a big barbecue when we get there. She wants to have her family all come. I sure hope the weather holds out so that we can go. If it snows we are stuck at home.

Friday, January 20, 2012



Thanks to Lemuel Craft

We have good satellite TV and CLEAR deals now that our neighbors told us what service they were using. We were over there for dinner the other night and started to get into a discussion about how expensive internet and television were. My husband and I think that it is really expensive and they just didn’t think that it was that much. We ended up disclosing how much we each paid every month. I was shocked that they paid about fifty dollars less every month for the save type of services that we had. I just was totally shocked. I was kicking myself for not looking for a better deal sooner and just assuming that the price that I was getting was the going rate. So, I have scheduled an appointment for them to come out next week and install the internet and television. I really feel like a huge dummy and am kicking myself that I have been over spending for years. At least I learned about it now, a few more years of overpaying, I don’t know that I could handle knowing how much money I had just given away!

Gold Rush

One show that my husband and I really enjoy is Gold Rush that is on the Discovery Channel. It is very interesting to see how each team deals with finding gold and the troubles they run into trying to find the gold and become successful at it. They depend on finding enough to support their families and at times it gets pretty scary that they won't meet their goals. It's very worth watching.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Personal Creations Coupon codes

I occasionally shop online for items that we use around our home or gifts for friends or family. I love the different kind of items I can find online and they often are on sale or at a reduced cost so I buy it. But before I lock in to accept the final cost I always look for ways that I can even save more. I like finding coupons to save more or receive free shipping like with Personal Creations Coupon codes. It's been amazing how much I have saved.


This winter has been unbelievable! Here it is the middle of January and we have no snow on the ground. It's actually kind of hard to find snow where we live. And when we have gotten a little snow we get some warm days to melt it away quickly. I don't ever remember having a winter like this. We all are loving it!