Sunday, December 28, 2008

New York Yankees Tickets

Are there any New York Yankee fans out there? Would you love to find New York Yankees tickets for the 2009 season? At you can find tickets from spring training through to the MLB Playoffs. It would be so fun to experience the excitement of attending one of these games in the new New York Yankees stadium! So go purchase your tickets today and plan for an exciting day at the game!

Memory Stick

I found through Christmas how nice it was to have a memory stick and a large capacity one at that in my digital camera. I knew I could take as many pictures as I wanted to and would have plenty of space. is a great website to find a variety of memory sticks and memory cards and flash cards. They have the best price in Sony memory sticks and give you a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you are shopping for a memory stick and at a great price be sure and check out this website.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My great niece is almost 14 months old now and she is doing so many fun things. My niece sent me a video of Kaelyn dancing to some music. She had a little music box and she knows how to push the button to make the music play and then she starts to wiggle her little body like she's dancing. It is so cute and I want to share it with you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleep Number Beds

Do you have restless nights of sleep or does your back bother you in the morning? I have a family member and his wife that decided to buy a sleep number bed because they wanted a more restful night of sleep. They absolutely love it. They said they have never slept as well as they do on this bed. At you can find great buys on beds like the sleep number. They will beat any price you find on the Internet and if you call now they will give you additional discounts.

Christmas Party

We had our work Christmas party today. Many of us were involved in a grab bag and that was fun. All of us brought treats from home, we had a nice variety. We stuffed ourselves so full that my husband and I didn't have supper tonight. It was a good time and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It has been snowing the entire day today. It just doesn't quit. At least the wind isn't blowing or we would have a blizzard. The snow is so light and fluffy. Well, for everyone who wanted a white Christmas where we live their wishes are coming true. It sounds as if we are in for another storm on Thursday but that one sounds like it could be worse with some ice involved. Yikes!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

About You ... dNeero-ites


Around Christmas time I start digging out my recipe books and search for something new to make for our family gatherings. I get tired of making the same thing over and over. This year I am going to try a new salad for my side and for our Christmas here at home I am going to try a very delicious sounding dessert. It has a lot of chocolate in it so I don't think I can go wrong. I had one time at an open house and it was yummy so I hope my family will enjoy it too.

SpitzTunes - Cheer & Fear


I signed up with Facebook probably over a year or so ago. There are so many adults on there now and it's fun to see what everybody has to say. It can be quite comical. I have one friend on there that gives the most humorous remarks on statuses or whatever. He is very entertaining and I enjoy being a part of Facebook.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wholesale Flowers

Planning a wedding can be hectic and paying for a wedding can be very expensive. We all know that most weddings have gorgeous flowers at them and we probably assume they are expensive. At a person can find wholesale flowers that are so beautiful and would add so much to their wedding day. They have a wonderful site where you can view their huge inventory of gorgeous flowers and order them on their site. When that special day arrives they will ship your flowers overnight straight from the flower farms where they are freshly cut. They will deliver them where ever you tell them to. Buying flowers from them can save you money and you will be fully satisfied at what you get. They also ship bulk premium flowers to restaurants, events, hotels, personal flower arrangements, and any occasion that calls for flower arrangements.

God's Blessing

My son has been having a couple of very stressful weeks with school and the semester coming to an end. We have been praying diligently for him and so many others have been doing the same. It almost seems daily that I am getting a call from him telling me how God has been answering prayers and how he feels his presence with him throughout each day. We just can't imagine what life would be like if God wasn't in it and we don't want to either. We feel so blessed by him.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Engage With Grace

Christmas Music

I love it when radio stations or even on Sirius they start playing Christmas music. I have some downloaded onto my computer and love listening to it. As I am typing this I am listening to Amy Grant singing Jingle Bells. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas goes so fast that I try and listen to this type of music as much as I can.

It Drives Us Nuts!

Wind and Snow

Well, I'm not too sure how much snow we have gotten but it's a good few inches. The winds are suppose to reach 40 mph today and with the light fluffy snow I can see that it can make driving rather treacherous. I'm glad I am staying in today. The snow has quit and the sun is out so maybe that will help some.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Blackberry Plants

When I was younger I remember going to my brother's acreage and going out into the wooded area and picking berries from the wild plants that were growing there. It was so nice to get fresh berries to put on ice cream or make a pie with. You can now purchase Blackberry plants for your yard. There is no more having to go into wooded areas or in ditches to find such good fruit as this.
Berry Nursery at Aaron's Bulb Farm is the best place on the Internet to buy your blackberry bushes and plants. All berries are carefully packaged and shipped directly to you and are 100% guaranteed to be healthy and grow.

Ferrari Parts

Are you someone who owns a Ferrari and need to find some parts for it. There is a website that specializes in Ferrari parts. They are a one-stop supplier for all original Ferrari. They have thousands of original parts, tools and accessories in their catalog. If you need it they probably will have it. You can also text them at 63278 for discounts and exclusive deals on genuine ferrari parts. All of their parts are original and new.


Many people have lost their jobs recently because of the state of our economy and need to find an easy way to search for employment. Many young people have graduated from college and are ready to start their careers and wonder where to look for these jobs.
At anyone who needs to find a job can probably find on through this website. This is the world's largest network of Niche Career communities. From this one website you can access thousands of sites and channels. Begin today finding that special job.


The Inventor of Leptovox came up with the idea of this pill while. Her guest was a Dr. Perricone and they were discussing Ten Superfoods. The superfoods are known to slow the aging process quite a bit. The Inventor was very curious about this so he ate those ten superfoods for ten days and claims that many positive benefits resulted.
Some of the ten superfoods are kind of expensive to buy in large quantities so the Inventor decided to create a pill that had extracts of each of the superfoods. Not only does this pill help you lose weight but people who have battled acne have found it has cleared up. There have been many people writing in with very positive comments on Leptovox.


Shortly after Christmas people start thinking about how they need to lose that extra weight they have gained over the holidays from eating all the great Christmas cookies and candies. Phentermine is an affordable diet aid which the FDA approved back in 1959. This pill is an appetite suppressant drug and has been used to help obese patients to suppress hunger and lose weight. They have found that you can lose weight much more quickly using this drug. It is always important to talk to your doctor first before trying new things like this.

Vessel Sinks

A few years back we remodeled our kitchen and we thought we would put in a stainless steel sink but changed our minds and put in a granite sink instead. I really do like the durability of it and the way it looks. It is kind of fun when remodeling a kitchen or bath to find the perfect sink and accessories that will make your room look modern and stylish. Wholesale Stone Sinks offers their customers the ability to buy Stone vessel sinks, Pedestal and Farm Sinks and have them shipped direct to your home. They can keep their prices lower because they have no middleman for marked up prices. When visiting this website you will find a variety of very nice sinks for your home.


When you get too tired do you get light headed? For some reason that is a good sign that I have not had enough sleep. My youngest son is a lot like that also. I also find that I get migraines when I've been lacking in sleep. It just shows how important it is to get the needed rest we are intended to have. The funny thing is I slept all night and for at least 8 hours so I don't know what my problem is today.=)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas with a Capital C

So many people in our country want to change Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. They don't want to offend anyone so they can't say Christmas. I think that's crazy. Christmas is about the birth of Christ. Without his birth there is no Christmas. I love this song by Go Fish. Please take some time and listen to the's great!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Our boys do a lot of texting and the cost of each text has really gone up. They pay about $5 a month right now for only 250 texts but are finding that is not enough. I can't get over how much young people text. They want to get unlimited texting and I suppose they will really be texting then. I don't know how they can stand to do that all the time, I would rather make a phone call.