Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yorkshire Terriers

My favorite dog is a Yorkie. They are the cutest little dogs. I think I prefer them with shorter hair but have seen some with longer hair that are pretty cute. They would be a great dog to have for a pet. As far as I know they do not shed. Most of them are so tiny and our house is not very big so that would be perfect. I do wish they weren't so expensive to get. That and my husband are the reason I don't have one yet.


I have a great admiration for families that homeschool. I homeschooled my sons for 8 years. They absolutely loved it and I loved having them home with me. They did very well in learning and I got great enjoyment out of teaching my son to read and to watch him excel at it.
When my oldest son was a sophomore in high school and my youngest was in 8th grade we all decided to have them finish their education in public school, which ended up being a great decision. It prepared them to go onto college.
One thing I would love to say is that their are many people who are opposed to homeschooling because they feel children need interaction with other children. My children had plenty. They had friends in the neighborhood, Sunday School and our homeschool group. So they didn't lack for that.

Monday, April 28, 2008


It really saddens me to hear the stories of all the abuse that goes on in this world. This morning I heard of a woman held hostage in the cellar of her home by her own father. They live in Austria. He not only held her down there for 24 years but fathered her seven children, six which are still living. The one baby that died he threw into an incinerator. What a heartless human being. It just breaks my heart to hear what this woman has gone through for so many years and the children that have been affected by all of this.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Paid Surveys

I have joined up with a few online paid survey companies and definitely have my favorites. I would say my first choice is Mysurvey. I have made money on a regular basis and the more I do it the more surveys I get. I certainly won't get rich on it but it's fun. Lightspeed is another good one and so is highpoints because I like the option of making cash and not just trying to win prizes, which rarely happens.
Most surveys don't take too long and they are generally about items that we use everyday or so.

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the stars is getting better and better. I am so hooked on that show. I just love to watch them dance and the outfits they wear are so beautiful. It is getting really hard to see any of the stars leaving. I really enjoy all of them. I have a couple of favorites so I guess we'll see what happens.

Drug Guide for iphone

It is amazing all the new technology there is in this world. I really think it is great when they find new ways that is efficient and easier to get the information needed in the medical field.
Epocrates Inc., can be credited for making pocket-size devices that doctors can carry around in their lab coats that can be quickly accessible to find out information needed before giving a prescription to medication. They are able to see if there will be any drug interactions that could be a problem. Epocrates drug reference guide is available for multiple devices. They are able to get a drug guide for iphone, blackberrys or smartphones. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for physicians to have so that they can quickly get the information they need.
This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Price Is Right

I don't see the Price is Right show very often but when I do I find it more enjoyable to watch with Drew Carey as the host. He doesn't seem to be as impatient with the guest to try and hurry them along. He really seems to enjoy what he is doing and makes the guests feel more comfortable and have more fun. He is a good choice for that show and at first I did wonder if he would be.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just recently another video came out of girls fighting. These girls either set up a situation where they plan an attack on a girl or provoke a girl to fight and then video tape it and show it on the Internet. The last girl was 12 years old. This is terrible. What is going on? I remember when I was 12 I was still playing with Barbie dolls. It is so sad to see how this world is changing for the worst. I can't even imagine being in school and putting up with stuff like that. And the amusement found in video taping something so awful to show to others, it's just wrong.

Breakup and Learn

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Economic Stimulus Check

How would you spend your economic stimulus check? Right now, my husband and I have no plans to spend it. We will probably put it in our savings account and save it for when we really need it. We are not the type of people to go buy something new just because we get a nice sum of money. We lived paycheck to paycheck for so many years and we have learned to be more careful with the money we receive. If you are interested in seeing how others might spend their check you can copy and paste this url and read them, http://average-dudes.com/money/economic-stimulus-what-when-and-how-to-spend-it/.


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They provide ad-free hosting which allows you to display your own ads. You can host any kind of website, business or personal. Many say it is the best hosting service around.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Food Fair

It's that time again when we get to attend a big Farner Bocken food show. They have several vendors that make food for everyone to sample and they also give stuff away for free on the last day. We usually try and go the last day so that we can hopefully bring home some of that good free food. If a person takes advantage of all the samples you can really fill up. It's a good time and the weather is suppose to be about perfect.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


My sons and I ate at Subway last night for supper and right now they have a great deal going on for a $5 footlong sub. It was nice cause I normally don't eat that much so I bought one that I knew my husband would like also and ended up taking him home some too. I like the subs best when they can be toasted.


Allegro Medical is one of the largest and most advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States. This retailer carries medical equipment and home health care supplies. They also include products such as Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements,Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear.
At Allegro you can shop by category, brand of products or medical condition and they offer thousands of products. You will be able to find products like FreeStyle Diabetes Test Strips, Blood Pressure Monitor, Philips HeartStart Home AED Defibrillator, and Urologicals/catheter. If you shop now you can save 10% off your entire order. Some of the items I have listed are just a small fraction of what they offer.

Digital Cameras

The nice thing about having a digital camera is that you can choose what pictures you want to keep without developing all the pictures even the bad ones. It takes more time to go through them to decide what ones you want and to crop them or whatever but I think it is worth it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We attended a funeral yesterday where we were able to see some of my first cousins that we grew up with. We spent a lot of time together as kids. It was so fun to see them all on a sad day. We all decided it's been too long since we've gotten together so we are planning a day this summer to have a barbecue and spend the day together. It should be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it.

Relationships...Gotta Have Them!?

Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung. It is so windy again today but it's warm and that's what counts. It is about 70 degrees and I actually have shorts on. Finally, maybe winter is over. It is about time.

Social Influence

Todd Agnew

Todd Agnew is an awesome contemporary Christian artist. I have two great songs that my husband and I love to listen to and one is Our Great God in which he sings with Rebecca St. James and the other one is Glorious Day. He has a phenomenal voice.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have mixed feeling about cremation. I realize we are no longer in our bodies when we die but it is very hard for me to see an urn at a funeral picturing the person who passed away is in that small box. I know it's just a body and our spirit has gone to heaven hopefully but it just gives me a different feeling inside.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

TV Shows are Back


My cousin's wife passed away on Friday from her battle with cancer. It's so sad to see how much pain she had to endure but she is now pain free and living in Heaven with Jesus. She had accepted Jesus into her heart and we all know that she has her new heavenly body and that makes it so much easier to see her pass on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

90 Minutes in Heaven

I have been reading the book 90 Minutes in Heaven. I am in awe of what this man went through and survived. I have a few friends that have read this book and highly recommend it. For most people it doesn't take long to read but for me I really don't enjoy reading so it takes me quite a bit longer to get through a book. I think anyone would enjoy this book.

Medical Careers

There are so many different kinds of medical careers but one I find very interesting is being an ultrasound technician. Becoming an ultrasound tech requires a good education from a choice of excellent ultrasound schools. One of the fastest growing areas of employment today is the field of medical careers. I know that if I went into a medical field it would be in the ultrasound tech career because I would love working with mother's to be and seeing the ultrasound of their unborn child. There are many other helpful things that you can do with this career but I feel this would be the most rewarding in my own personal opinion.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Survivor is on tonight. It has been getting really good. They have had some rough challenges this season. Many have gotten injuries which is not good. Tonight it looks as though they have to try and hold their breath under water. Looks like another tough challenge. Should be good.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Lucky is my oldest son's dog. Well, she no longer is his dog and now lives on an acreage with some really great people. They have decided to keep her and she loves it out there. We are thrilled for her to have a good home and it frees up our son while he is trying to finish school.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sonography Medical Information Site

One career I find very interesting is in the medical field and it is a sonography technician. Other names would be Ultrasonographer, Ultrasound Technologist, and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. I would love to be able to work in Obstetrics where I could take ultrasounds of the unborn fetus. Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences is one of the sonography schools to which I could get my education and training. There are many other great schools that a person could also get a quality education in this career choice. If you are interested in learning more about this career click on sonography tech for more helpful information.

April Showers

It is rather gloomy outside today. This afternoon we are getting some rain and the weather people are talking that it could turn into some snow but not much. I guess it is April and the old saying is April showers bring May flowers.

Nursing School

For people who enjoy that closeness in working with people and caring for them a Certified Nurses Assistant career could be perfect for them. If this is a career choice that you would desire then the next step would be to take cna courses at one of the well known cna schools. There you can get all the instruction and cna training that you would need. Most CNAs work in nursing homes where there are many jobs available.

College Road Trip

We went and saw the movie College Road Trip on Saturday night. Actually we only saw about the first half an hour because we walked out. It was dumb and there was a lot of over acting. I was disappointed because the previews made it look very funny. Maybe it got better further into the movie but my husband and I couldn't take it anymore.

It's in the Cards

Bucket List

The other night we went and saw the movie called the Bucket List. It was an average movie. It did have some funny parts in it. I loved the scenery where they took trips to. The movie is based on two men who know they only have a few months to live and begin making their bucket list so that they can do as many things they desire to do before they die. Jack Nicholson was very funny in this movie.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gold Coin

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Saturday we went to a benefit for my cousin's wife who is dying of cancer. This benefit was amazing. I couldn't get over how many people were going to it and it was a steady flow. What a blessing for this family. It was so nice and I was so happy to see such a great turn out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


The flu sure has been going around. There has been quite a bit of stomach aches and vomiting. Some of the times it only lasts a day but with others it's longer. I suffered with a stomach ache all day on Easter and thankfully that was it. We've had a pretty healthy winter in our household.

Xray Technician School

I have some friends that have a daughter that went to xray technician school. She did very well and is now very successful as a xray technician. If there is a desire to go into this field it is important to find a great school. At medical-career-training.com you can find out what is all involved in becoming an xray technician. You can find what requirements are needed to pursue this career. You can also find out what the salary will be like and the possibility of job opportunities that would be available when you are ready.

April Fools

Here it is April 1st and I didn't have any April fools jokes played on me. My husband said some of his staff tried pulling a few on him but it takes a lot to get him going. He pretty much saw right through them. Last year he pulled a pretty good one on me and a couple of girls I work with. I will never forget that. It was good.

Fashion Schools Finder

There are so many very talented people whose fashion ideas are awesome. People like this want to make this a career choice and so they desire to find excellent fashion schools. It is important that they educate themselves so that they can be successful in getting great fashion jobs. You can see all over television and magazines the importance of fashion and having a fashion career would be great.


On Saturday there will be a benefit for my cousin's wife who has been suffering with cancer. It is so sad to see someone as young as her dealing with this. I feel for her family, also. We plan to go and support them. I hope and pray they have a wonderful turnout.

Cooking School

There are many great cooks out there who would do great at attending a culinary school. You can get a great education in a chef school and have a great career ahead of you. At culinary-school-finder.com you can search by state, city, school, or career to find the best culinary program for you. Your dreams can come true by attending one of these culinary schools. You could own your own business in a restaurant, hotel or bed and breakfast. This would be an exciting career for you.


I would love to find an inexpensive fold down camper. I miss camping and we haven't done it now for a few years. We use to go with our sons and we had a great time and a lot of family quality time. Who knows, maybe we will just find a nice cheap one this spring.

Smoke Alarms

It is so important to have several smoke alarms put in our homes. It is also important to change the batteries at least every 6 months. The best time to do that is at daylight savings time. One thing I noticed is to replace the alarms if they are several years old. We have one in our upstairs that we have had for years and I found out the other day that it does not work correctly so I purchased a new one.

Pharmacy Technician Training

At one time I worked for a pharmacy and found it very interesting. I was employed along with a good friend of mine who took classes to become a pharmacy technician. It was a great education for her and was very helpful in working there. For a pharmacy tech, having these classes and certifying you to become that places you in a better position for a pharmacy technician salary verses not being more educated in this area. If you are one who is interested in working in a pharmacy this is a great site to find out more about pharmacy technician training.


I don't know what causes the hiccups but lately I have had them on a daily basis. Sometimes it's more then once a day. They are kind of annoying especially when you are trying to have a conversation with someone. I heard one time that if you take a spoonful of sugar that it will take them away. I haven't tried that in a long time but may have to.