Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

Do you have money sitting around that you would like to invest? But maybe you are concerned about investing it and losing it. When you buy gold coins you are putting your money into a safe investment. Gold does not lose it's value like cash. When inflation hits it takes a toll on the dollar bill unlike gold. Buying gold is a way to take control of your money. It is a way to preserve one's wealth. This is a very sound investment for years to come. Because gold is more valuable then the dollar bill is because it is something physical and solid and not just paper. Consider putting your money into gold if you are looking for a good investment.

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About 2 weeks ago one of the staff where I work quit suddenly. This put the rest of the staff in a mess cause we have had to scramble together people to work the days this person was suppose to. It's been a burden on some days especially the weekends. We are all pulling extra hours which is nice on our paychecks but we would rather have the days off. Then when I go on vacation there will be another staff gone so that makes it hard on everyone. I sure hope we get a new staff soon.


Tonight my husband has been busy mowing, trimming and now fertilizing our yard. I enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and looking out to our fresh cut yard it makes it look like pretty green carpet. It is so gorgeous with the grass so green and the bushes in bloom and our hostas look amazing. I love this time of year.

Austin Dog Bite Lawyer

Getting attacked by a dog can be horrible. It is frightening and can also be deadly. Some people have lost their life because of an attack. I was bitten by a dog several years ago and he bit me in my stomach. His one tooth went deep into my abdomen and caused a lot of bruising and soreness. It has also made me more afraid of dogs. For people who have been severely scarred or even lost their life because of an attack by a dog can be devastating. In this case it's most likely that attorneys would get involved to get some compensation for all that the person or persons involved have had to go through. Austin dog bite lawyer is the kind of attorney you would want to contact in a situation like this.

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Losing Weight

I am so proud of my two sons because they have been working really hard since January to lose weight and to get into better shape. Our oldest son has lost over 70 pounds since last year and our youngest has probably lost 30-35 pounds. They are getting into much smaller clothes now and are feeling much healthier.


I love to blog. It's even better when I can make some income with it. It is a great filler in along with my part time job that I have. I have been able to pay for tires on our car, taking a trip, or just adding to our saving account. The Lord has really blessed me with this. It's fun to make money at something that is fairly easy to do and enjoyable.

Best Buy

Are you someone who would rather shop from home then to use all your energy and time to walk around malls and stores to find what you need or want? When you shop online you are able to access so many great sites for the things you might need. has numerous items available for your Best Buy. They have weekly specials and occasionally offer free shipping. That sounds really good to me.

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Many people struggle with acne. It can ruin their self esteem and can damage their skin for life. They probably have tried different types of facial washes and have not had much luck. pronexin is a natural acne treatment that is known to clear up acne in seven days. That is remarkable and a blessing.


Wow! is it ever windy outside today. The weather people are saying it we could have gusts up to 40 miles an hour! That's crazy and I think anyone trying to attempt going out today better forget having a good hair day. I haven't seen strong winds like this for several months.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Medical Supplies

I have a sister in law who cares for people in their homes. She is a nurse and does what it takes medically to care for someone who is bedridden or just unable to leave their home very often. I can only imagine that it takes a lot of home medical supplies to care for people in this situation. For the families that have loved ones in this state, a great way to receive these home medical supplies would be to purchase them online. How handy that would be for them to just order and know that they will be shipped directly to their home. No taking time to go out and shop for these supplies.

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My husband and so many others are suffering big time with allergies right now. He has been miserable and losing sleep because of the symptoms he suffers with because of the allergies. Spring is so beautiful but it can sure make people who suffer from allergies be pretty miserable. I feel for all who deal with this every spring.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weatherization Training

The big topic of today's world is Green. It's the whole idea of saving on our planet and doing everything we can to save on energy and nature around us. When thinking about saving on energy, I instantly think about how we can save here in our home. I know a few things like unplugging things when they are not in use and making sure we have enough insulation and descent windows but I'm pretty sure we are missing things. That is where someone with weatherization training comes to mind. This person can be trained to let home owners and business owners know where they can improve on energy saving.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Diet Pill Comparison

Are you someone who is seriously thinking about using a diet pill to lose weight? Maybe you are not sure which pill to use or which one is most effective. Also, you may want to know if any of them have side effects that could be not so desirable. If you are someone like this then you should visit the website There you will find reviews on the most popular diet pills. This is a great site to check out before purchasing any pills.

Vitamins for Acne

I guess I am not aware that there are vitamins for acne. I shouldn't be surprised because it seems vitamins help in a lot of ways. For people who have to deal with acne this would be a good healthy way to treat it. What a great natural way to treat an acne problem.

Acne Products

Going through the teen years can sometimes be awkward for appearance reasons. Some teens have to deal with occasionally acne and some severe. I know when I was younger and had it occasionally I hated it. The Internet is a great place to find out what acne products work the best to keep the skin clear. I think it is great that we can find out so much information this way on many types of subjects.


I've been trying to do a different hairstyle so I am growing out my layers. I am going to keep my hair shorter and may slightly taper the back and have it a little longer in front. The hardest part of this process is letting the layers grow out. Right now those layers can tend to be a little frizzy at times. Oh well, patience.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cosmetology School in Illinois

I live in the Midwest and I see a lot of young girls interested in cosmetology for the future profession. There have even been a few young men who desire this type of job. When considering an education in this area it is important to research the types of schools that are available with an excellent record in teaching and training. For people looking into this field who live in one of the Midwest states such as Illinois you can find a cosmetology school in Illinois that will give you the education and training you need and can remain in your home state. The Internet is a great tool for having a website to show you what is available.

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I have been trying really hard to walk most days. Today I got two walks in before it started to rain. I even had to jog about a half of block home because the rain was coming down pretty good. I am in no shape to do that. I was huffing by the time I reached our house. Oh well, I'm trying to get in shape and walking works better for me then jogging.:)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter was a great day with my family. Our sons live about 2 hours from us and we drove over to them and attended church together and then had lunch. We later went and took a walk around the campus that our youngest son attends and took several pictures of our day. We had such a great time.