Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Storm

Last night the snow began to fall and the winds picked up. Our state was under a blizzard warning. Lots of talk of thunder snow where inches of snow fell quickly in a short time. Where we live we did not have that. But this morning the winds are blowing quite strong, it quit snowing and it looks like a winter wonderland outside. I am so glad I have the day off today to stay in where it is warm and cozy. I went out to measure a few places and I came up with 6 1/2 to 8 inches of snow! Some place got over a foot! Now everyone who was worried about having a white Christmas can smile. I actually would have preferred a brown Christmas but that's ok. The snow is beautiful.

Friday, December 14, 2012


What is this world coming to! Another shooting of innocent people, killing several! I am so sad right now for these families who have lost their loved ones today in this horrible tragedy! How can anyone go inside a school of small children or any children and take their lives without hesitation?! It angers me that people push to take God out of school and so many other things. What is wrong with our country? Can't they see that we need God in our schools, in our everything! We need to pray for these families of all the lost lives today. May God comfort them and give them peace through this time. It breaks my heart! Most likely if God wasn't pushed aside or eliminated less of this horrible stuff would happen. Let's give our everything to him.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guinea Pig

Our sons have had two guinea pigs for pets for the last couple of years. One is Horse and the other was Buffalo. One day not too long ago my son called me and said Buffalo was having a hard time breathing so they did everything they could to make it easier for him. They decided that evening that they should take him to the vet the next morning. Well, when my youngest son got up he was still alive but after he took a shower Buffalo had passed away. Of course, they were both heart broken. They brought him to our place and we buried him in a special place in our backyard. They now have a new guinea called Bear. He is much younger and looks so small next to Horse. They love him to pieces. He is pretty adorable.

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I was sick all last week and I still have a lingering annoying cough. I have the most trouble at night when I am trying to sleep. I have tried everything from alka seltzer p.m. to cough medicine, nothing works. So a friend of mine told me to try Theraflu. I bought some and drank it last night. She was right, I slept the most I have had in a week. I still coughed but at least I slept. I don't know if there is any better cure but I sure would be open to hearing any good tips. It makes it tough to feel better when you don't get any sleep and are so tired.