Monday, November 28, 2011

Diving Goggles

Not too long ago we went to Kauai with some friends. They travel a lot and do some very different things when they vacation. One of the things they really enjoy is to scuba dive or snorkel. So when we were in Kauai they talked like they had wished they would have brought some of their gear to do an activity like one of these. Gear needed for scuba diving would be diving goggles and other items. Without those they would have had to rent some and they didn't feel like doing that.


On Saturday I spent most of the day decorating our home for Christmas. Luckily I had my boys home and my husband and they all helped in some sort of way. It fairly smooth and it got done. Then today a co worker and I went to where we work and decorated several trees, it was a big job. The lights would not cooperate and it got a little frustrating. Sure glad that is all done for another year.

Car Insurance Rates

When my husband and I are looking for car insurance we are looking to find lower premiums but to have very good coverage. We don't like to take a lot of time contacting different insurance agencies to find out which one is the best. So that is when using a good site online works out very well. You can receive car insurance rate quotes in minutes and it makes it so easy to compare. Everyone is accepted including students and people who are at fault drivers. Now you can get insurance without the hassle. The insurance is affordable and you can obtain it through major car insurance providers. If you are someone who is in the process of looking for insurance then save yourself some time and check out this website.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been busy making my list of the foods I want to make for Thanksgiving dinner. Our boys will be coming home for a few days and that excites me. It is a wonderful time of year to reflect on our lives and how much God blesses us. Thanksgiving day should be everyday and I try and give God the thanks for all he does for us.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

RV Financing

Are you someone who is looking for an rv and need to find a loan to help pay for it? I know my husband and I would love to buy a camper sometime in the near future and most likely we would need some rv financing to help us out. The internet is a great tool to use when it comes to finding a financing option.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Palm Trees

When we were on vacation to Kauai we saw many beautiful plants and trees. And because it is a more tropical island there were plenty of palm trees. That has to be one of my favorite things to see when we go on a trip like this. I spotted a couple of them together so I took an opportunity to take a different angle picture of it and I am pleased at how well it turned out so I want to share it on my blog.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Send an Enagement Gift

I have a nephew who has been recently engaged. The family is very excited for them and his fiance is a real sweetheart. In occasions like this, is it proper to send an enagement gift? I'm sure if you are close friends or family it might be a nice thing to do. I guess it's something to think about.