Monday, April 30, 2012

Press Boxes

Any games you go to whether it be high school games or professional games you will see press boxes. That is where you can find announcers or even celebrities. Often you will hear how getting to sit in a press box is a real luxury and people find it an honor to be invited to sit inside them while the game is being played.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gift Basket Delivery in Your City

My husband and I live a distance away from most of our families and because of that it can sometimes make it difficult to get gifts to them for special occasions. And a lot of the time I like to find unique gifts that they probably wouldn't buy for themselves such as a fruit basket or a cheese and cracker gift. That is when it is so nice to have a gift basket delivery in your city. It makes it so handy and convenient to just either call or order online and have that special gift delivered

Disney World

Over a week ago already my immediate family all went to Disney World. We got park hopper tickets and went to Hollywood Studios, Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. It was a fun filled day and we stayed till almost 10:00 P.M. We got there when the gates opened. I'm sure glad we took the time to go one more time while our sons were with us. It was a great day!



Thanks to Roman May

I saw a show the other day on television that I had heard about, but never watched. “Modern Family” is now one of my new favorite shows. It has everything that you could want- comedy and drama. It is called “Modern Family” because it portrays a family that is not the “nuclear family” as we think about it. Today, more than ever, our families are not resembling the “nuclear family” of the nineteen fifties. The patriarch of the family, the Dad, is remarried to a Latin woman and has the cutest stepson ever- Manny! His son and his partner, have an adopted partner. The sister has more of the traditional “nuclear family”, but also has three kids. The show is about the interactions between the more “Modern Family” of today. It will keep you rolling on the floor laughing! For the guys, it also has the sexpot, Sophia Vergara, as one of the main characters. I read the other day that she was actually a blonde and dies her hair dark. I could never tell because she looks so great as a brunette!

Easter Sunrise

We spent Easter Sunday in Florida. We all decided that we would go out to the beach and watch the sunrise. It was perfect and so gorgeous. We praised our heavenly father for the beautiful sunrise he provided on that special Easter morning.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graduation Announcements

Both our two boys are going to graduate quite soon from college. One of them has taken both college classes online classes but now they are finished and we are so proud of them. We want to throw big graduation party for them and will be needing graduation announcements for this special party. We want the invitations to be special so I got on the Internet to see what I could find. It was great to be able to reach a company that had a team of advisers that could help me with this. Since they are men, of course we want to choose graduation announcements more specifically designed for men. And of course, we want to be able to put pictures on the announcements so the people receiving the announcements will know which son is graduating when and where. When I say "where", I also meant the field of accomplishment for which they are graduating, such as becoming a doctor and the other going into Business Administration. We will have the boys assist us in choosing the colors of their graduation announcements, as well as, where they would like to have their graduation parties. Since they will not both be graduating from the same college or on the same date, the graduation announcements must be specific to those specifications, as well. We have a wonderful room available where my husband works that will work out very well for both graduation festivities. We want invitations to be sure and specify clearly both the dates and places of their graduation parties. We found a company that has the ability to work with us on all these many details and we are delighted to be able to get a look at them before the final product is printed. I feel these will make great permanent keepsakes for the future for both our family and our extended family.

Online Degree Programs

We have two sons and have encouraged them to go to college and get their degrees. It has been a long haul but they have both graduated now. However, we know that through online degree programs they can further their education and proceed to their Masters degrees now.
We know that by taking online masters degree programs that they greatly increase their potential to make considerably more money. They will also be able to apply for higher positions and also have the opportunities to be promoted to higher positions in their present jobs. Online colleges are well thought of and enjoyed by a great many people today because of the convenience of taking the courses at their convenience.


Our family really enjoys vacations. We have taken quite a few vacations in the USA and also Hawaii. The ones we like best are in Florida. We are able to stay rent free in a friend's condo on the beach. That is just wonderful. We have had two weeks of playing in the ocean and also visiting Disney World and all the other great places in and around Daytona Beach.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wood Bunk Beds

We have two sons and when they were younger and living at home they shared a bedroom. So we had to make the most out of the room so that they would have plenty of space. We invested in wood bunk beds and they loved them. They slept in them for years till they got old enough to move out. It worked out great for them and us.

Lovegra Reviews

For men who are interested in testosterone booster supplement because of possible sexual dysfunction then it is always wise to research the products before trying them such as looking into the supplement lovegra reviews. There you can find information that may steer you away from wanting to try it or it may encourage you to see how it can help. It is even more wise to consult a physician about such supplements.

Walt Disney World

The other day we bought park hoppers at Walt Disney World. We decided since our boys were with us on vacation we would celebrate our 30th anniversary going to the parks. We had a very long day and it was very tiring but well worth it. Lots of fun and enjoyed rides from 3 of their parks. We all slept very well that night from all the fun and time on our feet.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Video Teleconferencing

In many businesses especially large ones they deal with others from other countries and places that are not locally accessible when it comes to having conferences together. That is when it is so nice to have video teleconferencing. They can sit right in their offices or board rooms and conference half way across the country or world. How handy for all involved.