Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Camacho Select

When we were on vacation not too long ago we spent some time on the beach and while we were lounging in the sand I told my husband that I could smell what I thought was someone smoking. We both came to the conclusion that it was not cigarettes because it had a sweet aroma. Most likely it was someone smoking a cigar. Who knows, maybe it was a camacho select. They are full of earthy flavors and have some unsweetened cocoa and coffee fragrance laced into it. Sounds like a good smell to me.


What a blessing that our oldest son found out he got a job! Now both of our sons have full time jobs and it is such a blessing. It's been a tough few months getting them both working full time and now it is here. They are very excited about it too. Our youngest son has been working for several months now but two months ago he got his first full time job. He loves it and we are so happy for him. God is so good. We fully put our trust in him.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Canadian Debt Relief Firm

Every now and then people shop too much. It may be they take too many vacations, or just buy that car they always wanted but can't afford. They run up their credit cards to the limit and suddenly they realize they are over their heads and need debt relief. In Canada, Shelia Cockburn of the law office of Cockburn and Associate LLP, is a very experience attorney when it comes to debt help. She has had a great deal of experience and will identify your problem. The next step is to design a plan of action that will help your current cash flow. Perhaps by looking at your unsecured debt, a way can be identified to cut that debt in half. Wouldn't it be great to have cash again to improve your standard of living? Right now, you are strapped for cash because your bills take all the money and you are still in arrears. Working with an experienced attorney such as Shelia, you can get debt settlement and get back on the right track and life will look good again.

To Florida and Back

Well folks, we went to Florida and was it a wonderful vacation. We had so much fun, it was hard to come home again. It was especially hard to come home to 30 degree temperatures after 80's and 90's. We could live there permanently. Maybe some day we will. We were able to stay in the beautiful condo right on the lovely white sand beach. We never get tired of it. It is so beautiful there. Of course, there is no place like home and eventually you get home from vacation and it is good to sleep in your own bed, relax in your own recliner and sit back and talk about the wonderful times we had in Florida.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Silver Coins

It is so important these days to invest your money into safe places. One safe way to invest is in buying silver coins. Purchasing precious metals is a great way to preserve one's wealth. In most cases a purchase like this will always gain in value. There are so many unsure investments out there and why not make an investment you can count on.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am so excited because we are going to Florida again very soon! We again are driving down which is not a favorite thing of mine to do but it does cost less so that helps. We are going to Daytona Beach where we stay for free in a friends condo. It is right on the beach and the front window to the condo looks out over the ocean. I can hardly wait! I love it there and we are both looking forward to some rest and relaxation on that beach!