Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo Frame Gifts for Her

I have a lot of female friends that love to take pictures. I am like that too. When we go on vacation or get together with family I love taking pictures and then putting them in frames. I would guess that a lot of my friends and family are the same way. That is why I think giving photo frame gifts for her and him are great ideas. They can share their favorite photos to all who visit their homes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have really noticed in the last couple of weeks how much the buds are coming out on the trees and bushes. I love it because it means winter is behind us. Although we did have some flurries today but at least if we do get any snow it won't last. Now to get the grass turning green and it will be looking more like summer. I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HGH Reviews

If you are someone who has considered using a hgh supplement but are not too sure about how it works or how it could affect you then you should take some time and read hgh reviews. These are very helpful in understanding what hgh reviews are all about. Don't jump into taking something that you are not familiar with until you know all you can know about the supplement.

Tren Xtreme reviews

As with any diet pills, anyone who is interested in taking any of these should really look into what these pills can do to you. Find out how safe they are and what the possible side effects could be. For example reading tren xtreme reviews will be an eye opener as to what ingredients are in these pills and that they can be dangerous to take. Please be cautious and research these type of pills.

Cellular Booster

I have had family members come to visit us and when they go to use their cell phones they seem to have very little good reception. It can be frustrating especially when they are trying to make calls or receive calls that are important. Something they could consider getting is a cellular booster which would help boost their reception greatly. Many are using these and it's working great for them.

Electronic Pickpocketing

It is really something these days as to how people get ripped off and their credit and debit card numbers can be stolen so easily. Have you heard of electronic pickpocketing? This is really happening to people. Thieves are taking a device that can actually read your personal information right off your credit cards, etc. without touching your wallet or purse. That is pretty scary stuff. But you can be safe because there are products made that you can purchase to put your personal items in so that the thieves cannot get access to them. Be sure and take caution and protect yourself.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pirate Show

At the Treasure Island Hotel in Vegas they have a pirate show every evening starting at 8:30. So we went to check it out one night. It was good but it had changed a lot since 1996. That was the last time we had seen it with our boys. Everything about Vegas seems to be related to sexual content. Even the pirate show. Sure all the lights and smoke and shooting of guns was fun to see but the story itself was disappointing. Vegas is not the place for Christians to spend much time at.

Puriteam Water

Where we live we have awful tasting tap water. I hear everyone complaining about it because it is so bad. We often buy bottled water to drink and it bothers me to do that because the bottles and jugs fill our landfills unless they are recycled which we do. But did you know that bottled water is actually filtered tap water? It is true and in that case why not buy a Puriteam countertop water filter. You will filter great tasting drinking water for 3 years before you have to change the filter. That is pretty amazing. The filter housing on this product is also guaranteed for life. What a great way to save you money, have drinking water available all the time and also to save on our planet.

Fremont Street

On our vacation to Las Vegas we took the bus to Fremont Street at least three times. It is located on the north end of the strip and we were staying on the south end. We had heard that it had a canopy over the top of about three blocks and at night it was all lit up with music playing. Fremont Street is the original Las Vegas Strip. It was very amazing to see and was extra fun to see the original signs and hotels located there. And on top of it I won $20 with a nickle spin. That was fun!

Trials and Faith

All of us go through trials and tribulations in our lives and when we do I can only imagine that we wonder why it is happening. I know that is the case for me. I am so thankful that God is in my life and they I can turn to him for anything. Yesterday as I was reading devotions I read about people going through trials and that the end result isn't what is most important to God but the journey to get there. It is when God sees what truly is in our hearts and how we deal with the tests that are put in front of us. I know for myself and my family we lean more then ever on our heavenly father to get us through whatever it is we are being tried with.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cash Advance Online

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where you need cash right away? Maybe your car broke down and you have no way to get to work and you need to get it repaired but you don't have the money to do it because it's not payday yet. You can now get a cash advance online. There are many lenders ready to get you the cash you need when you need it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow Again?

We've been enjoying temperatures above freezing lately and it has melted the snow away but this morning I woke up to snow all over the ground again and it just keeps on snowing. Everywhere you look, it is white. They are saying we are in for even more in the next couple of days. I guess it is a good reminder that winter is not over yet.