Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking over the place

Taking over the place

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

I didn't know a thing about the business, but when dad decided he had to retire due to a medical issue, I was left with little choice but to take over the family company. It's a small furniture store, but there's a lot to consider when you are not running it all by yourself. I was pretty much terrified from the word go. I decided to do some updating first and foremost which meant buying a new inventory program for the computer which was hopefully going to streamline everything. Once that taking care of I decided it was finally time the store started accepting credit cards, so I did some research on sites like bank card processing to find out what an acceptable exchange rate was. Now I finally feel like the furniture store is in the new millennium and I have a feeling all loyal customers are really going to appreciate all my efforts. I have mom and dad both are really grateful I took over!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mom and Dad

A couple of weeks ago we went to visit my folks. We took them out for dinner and then went back to their place to visit a little bit. I took my camera along because it had been awhile since any pictures had been taken with myself and them. I thought they turned out pretty well so I decided to post one on my blog.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Barcode Scanners

Technology has come a long way since I was a little girl. I remember when I would go shopping with my mom and it came time to check out the gal at the register had to push buttons to add in the cost of the items. Now if you walk into a store and go to the check out lanes everyone is using barcode scanners. Many of them are wireless so that if you have a large item they can just come over to your cart and scan it. It's pretty cool how it all works.

Party Invitations

It's summer time and a lot of things are going on. With holidays like July 4th or block parties, family reunions it's fun to throw parties to celebrate. Many people like to go all out when it comes to a special party. Maybe it's a theme party or just a time to get together and have fun. party invitations are a great way to let your friends and family know what the occasion is and when and where it will be held. There are a lot of cute invitations to fit any occasion.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hydroxycut Side Effects

I have seen a lot of advertising about hydroxycut. I often wonder how well this product really works and if the advertisement is for real. I guess the best way to know about diet pills is to use the Internet to find out good information. That would be a great way to find out what the hydroxycut side effects would be and also the rating on how well it works.

Free Dating Online

My sons have used dating sites that are on the Internet. They have used free dating online because they don't have the money to pay the sites that want money for their services. It can really add up over time. I think it is great that sites like these are offered for free for people who want to meet someone but can't afford the ones that cost money.

Web Cameras

Around Christmas time I had purchased one of those web cameras so that I could talk to my sons online and they could see me. It is kind of funny to say but I actually used it for the first time the other day. It was so great because it was father's day and our sons couldn't be home to give their dad his gift so I gave it to him while we were using the camera so that our sons could see his reaction. Having a camera like this is going to be so fun and we can talk with other family and friends who live a long ways away.

UTV Power Steering

I have an aunt and uncle who own a couple of atvs. They are so much fun to ride. We have joked around about buying a couple of them ourselves. But sometimes you run into mechanical problems with them or utvs. Something like the atv or utv power steering having problems. Then they have to be replaced and that can be costly so that is where the Internet comes in handy. Often you can find a site that can help you buy parts like these a lot cheaper. It's worth looking in to.

Catalog Printing

Sometimes when I am looking at a catalog from a department store I wonder what it all entails to do catalog printing. I know when I print at home it can get costly because of the ink and paper that is involved. Can you imagine what it costs to do those large catalogs? Most likely they use the internet to find good deals on printing, at least I would hope so.


My roses in our backyard have been so full and gorgeous this spring. In between rainy days I got a chance to get out and take a picture. I knew they weren't going to last forever so I had to hurry. The pink is so bright and pretty. I sure enjoy having them.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Springfield Beauty School

Regency Beauty Institute was founded in Minneapolis over 50 years ago. They have expanded from 2 schools in Minneapolis to 80 and counting over 19 states. These schools are a top of the line kind of school. They offer an excellent education and training. They have upscale salons to train their students in. Even through their training they offer discounted salon services to the public and are under expert supervision. When the student graduates, these schools like the Springfield beauty school, offer a placement program to help the students find the job they desire.
This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 1415 East Battlefield, Springfield, MO 65804

Baby Birds

The other day I was stepping out on our deck and as soon as I closed the door a baby dove flew down by my feet. He then realized what he had done and flew down by our pool so I walked after him. Then I realized we had a baby black bird floating on top of our pool and he couldn't get out. So my husband rescued him and put him out in the grass where later he went away. Then I had to go back and see if the baby dove was okay and sure enough he was fine and soon flew out of the pool area. I just want to make sure that they are safe and okay.


On Monday I have an appointment to try acupuncture for the first time. I have dealt with pain in my back for such a long time and have never figured out a way to get relief. We recently found out that someone came to our town and opened up her own clinic. I am excited and hopeful that she will be able to help me and maybe finally I can be pain free.

Nikon Binoculars

It never fails whenever we go on a road trip we always make sure we have our binoculars with us. Actually we keep them in our vehicle at all times so we have them with us whenever we may need them. A good pair to own would be the Nikon binoculars. They are a quality item and would allow a person to see clearly what they are looking for.

Morgan Dollars for Sale

I have seen that their are many people who invest money into buying special coins. Coin collecting is a popular thing to do and I can see why. The Internet is a great place to find morgan dollars for sale and other coins. It's a great way to add to that special collection.

Oversized Banners

This past May we were invited to a couple of graduation open houses. As we approached these open houses we had noticed on one of them that they had one of those nice personalized oversized banners showing where the graduation open house was located. It was colorful, attractive and made it easy to see where the party was going to be. These banners are great for any occasion such as a baby shower, birthday, holiday or any type of special day.

Point of Care Carts

A couple of years ago I had to have some major surgery done. I had to be to the hospital bright and early to get ready. One of the first things they did was take me to my room and a nurse sat by one of the point of care carts and asked me several questions about my health etc. I was amazed at how much information these carts could hold and how they were so easy to transport from room to room because they have wheels on them. It amazes me how technology has grown so much. It's a great thing.

Feather Flags

Many times when we have driven around a city or larger town I may see a sign by a business or apartment building advertising either a month of free rent for the apartments or the name of a business or a special offer they may have for customers. I never knew till today the names of those advertising banners. They are called feather flags. For people who want to advertise in front of their business or rental properties this is a great idea. They are bright and eye catching.

Scanner Software

In business I can only imagine all the documents and important information that is needed to keep record on on the office computers. It is probably really important to have scanner software that can file each document in the category it needs to be in so that it can be easy to access and use. I don't work in an office but but husband does and I know the importance of having good software to handle all business information.


I have the day off today and I am enjoying just sitting around and doing some posting on my blog because we have a day full of rain and thunderstorms. Days like this causes me to lose ambition to do anything. I should be cleaning house or something productive but I just can't seem to get that get up and go feeling. Oh well, I think I deserve a day like this every once in awhile.

Topamax Lawsuit

I have been hearing a lot lately about the effects that topamax has on newborn babies. It has been said that women who are pregnant and taking the drug Topamax are at risk of having their baby born with a cleft palate. This can be heartbreaking and can cause other problems for the child. Topamax is a drug that helps control convulsions caused by epilepsy and it is also given to people who suffer with migraines. The saddest part of this is that the baby is the one who suffers. If this is the case for you or someone you know you may want to contact O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. They have highly trained staff to help you start a Topamax lawsuit. It's not your fault that these defects happened.

Helping Others

I know many elderly people because of where I work. I work at a retirement facility and have over the years helped residents with housekeeping, laundry and also driving them to doctor appointments. That's what I did today. I took a gal over to the eye doctor and sat there for about 2 hours. It makes me feel good to help others and I also get paid for my services. She was very appreciative and I was glad to help her.

Baby Bunny

The other evening my husband and I were sitting and watching television together and suddenly my husband said to look out the window because he saw a baby bunny hopping up to our deck. I jumped up and saw how cute he was. I attempted to go outside and get some pictures but of him but of course he was scared and kept hopping away. Finally got a picture and he is hiding behind one of our bushes. I think it's pretty cute.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer

Sometimes a baby is born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. It is very sad to see your newborn with such a defect. They have problems being able to eat and often they even have trouble later on talking or having many ear infections. It is something that needs to be taken care of through surgery as soon as possible. If you took Topamax while pregnant, you should probably contact a Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer to find out if you have a case. Scientific studies have shown that Topamax is known to cause such birth defects. You want to get this birth defect taken care of as soon as possible for your child's sake. It can cause a number of problems including many ear infections and trouble speaking, as well as, problems eating which is very serious.