Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Lessons in Sarasota at Guitar Center

When my boys were younger and at home they desired to learn how to play a guitar. Well, we live in a pretty small town and people who teach how to play a guitar are not readily available so they never learned. But now with everything you can find on the internet a person can find experts who can teach anyone how to play. I love this! How great for anyone desiring to play the guitar. The place to look for this is in music lessons in Sarasota at guitar center.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It has not been a very good month for me at work. There has been more then enough drama involving staff and residents that live at my work place. The odd thing is is that I think I am a pretty easy person to be around and in 2 situations I was blamed for things I had nothing to do with. There was a lot of accusations, anger and things said that shouldn't have been said. I am going to be very happy when January is over and I am hoping the rest of this fine year will be dramaless.

Suspended Cymbal Stand at Guitar Center

There are many bargains you can find online and this time of year it seems there are sales on a variety of items. If you are like me you look for bargains anytime you shop. For anyone who is looking for a suspended cymbal stand at guitar center, I know you can find one online at a great price. Why not save money and in the process get what you want and need. I love sales!


If you are someone who plays an instrument that uses an amplifier and effects you may be interested in knowing that maxon makes a family of products that would be a great addition to what you play. You can find them in all different price ranges. I know you can find the right product for your guitar or pedal. Check out Maxon and all the great products they make.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Great Nephews

This past spring and summer we were blessed to have attended two of our great nephew's weddings. They are brothers and got married about 5 weeks apart. Now the third brother is getting married next weekend. I can't imagine having 3 weddings in a years time. I am sure the parents of these young men will breathe a sigh of relief after this one is done. Then it will be several years before there young daughters walk down the isle. We are looking forward to going to the wedding. It should be a great time!